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April 2018
August 2018
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Meet author David Foenkinos
27Apr 2018
The Vivre Livre Association invites you to a cocktail with David Foenkinos author of «Vers la beauté »
– Price : 5€ / Register at the Bouquetiniste bookstore
7 pm – salon de thé “Oh! Crazy Barm’s”
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Yoga demonstartion
27Apr 2018
Discover the Val d’Isère Yoga Festival to music with this morning session. Everyone welcome to join in.
DJ concert, free drinks and a demonstration byall the Festival teachers
10am – Tourist Office Square
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Folie Douce Closing Party “The Last Big WTF” (Day 1)
28Apr 2018
On the programme:
Live caberet show Closing des folies
Folie Douce team live concert
Fancy dress
Danse floor
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YOGA Festival Day 2
28Apr 2018
Val d’Isère 6th Yoga Festival
3 days of yoga and well being
Experience unique moments and enjoy the genuine spirit of sharing.
Over 35 yoga, pilates, and well-being lessons
Outdoor lessons – Free conferences – Guided meditations– Om market – Organic Bistro
If you enjoy a relaxed and festive atmosphere celebrating yoga, well-being and harmony then this festival is for you.
A selection of teachers from the Rhone Alps region will be present to share their passion and practice with you.
A harmonious blend of sport, nature and well-being in an extraordinary alpine setting. Rates: Pass week-end : 195 € / 5 sessions : 100 € / 3 sessions : 70 € / session 1 h : 20 € / session 1 1/2 h 25 € / session 2 h: 30 € / Massages – 1/2h : 40 € / Massages – 1h : 75€ / Conferences – free
Information and tickets from the Conference centre
Full programme from the Tourist Office