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January 2019
July 2019
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Snake Gliss
21Jan 2019
These fun sledges from the future look strangely like a snake on snow! Come along and join in the fun activity in groups of 2 to 10 people on the floodlit Savonette nursery slope.
(children from 4 years/parental supervision compulsory)
5.30pm : Savonette nursery slope
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Classicaval – Opus 1
21Jan 2019
Celebrate the 26th Anniversary of this 4-day classical music festival in Val d’Isère from January 21st to 24th 2019
Anne-Lise Gastaldi (artistic director, piano) and guests are a pure delight for music lovers as they perform tin the baroque Saint Bernard de Menthon church. The venue’s atmosphere and acoustics are perfectly suited to the occasion. Programme :
Monday 21st: Cocktail and musical evening at the Aigle de Neige hotel
Tuesday 22nd: Classical music on the slopes and evening concert in the church
Wednesday 23rd: FACIM guided tour of the Baraoque church and opening concert. The public are invited to join the musicians after the concert for drinks.
Thursday 24th: Visit to the local schools by the musicians plus closing concert in the St Bernard de Menthon church. Prices :
– Seats: 18€ / Children (- 14 yrs): 14€
– Pass for 3 concerts: 45€ / Pass for 3 concerts – children: 36€
Concert lasts: approx. 1h10 (no interval) Tickets on sale at the Tourist Office from Saturday or on the door 1/2 hour before the concert starts.
6.30pm – Val d’Isère Church
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Festival “Classicaval” musical preview
21Jan 2019
A musical preview with the festival musiciens at “Aigle des neiges” Hotel. Meet the festival musicians Anne-Lise Gastaldi, Roland Pidoux, Virginie Buscail, Lorraine Campet, Karine Jean Baptiste, Claude Di Benedetto, Lucas Henri, Valentina Igoshina and Violaine Despeyroux. A musical surprise also awaits you.
Limited number of places, by invitation only
7.00pm – “Aigle des neiges” Hotel
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Backstage in Val d’Isère (Catex avalanche blasting and rescue post visit)
22Jan 2019
Val d’Isère Tourisme, the Slope Management dept. and lift company invite you backstage in Val d’Isère to see what really goes on behind the scenes in our ski resort.
This Tuesday, discover how a controlled avalanche is set off using the CATEX system (cable transported explosives)
– It is compulsory to sign up in advance for this free visit at the Tourist Office before Monday 3pm (10 places available)
– Visit in French and English
– Ski pass compulsory
– From 7yrs+
– Visit lasts 1 hr (from 2pm to 3pm)
Meet at 1.50pm at Solaise rescue post