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November 2022
November 2022

Our electric mountain bike routes

Accessible from June, when the snow gives way to a greener state of mind from summer until autumn, before regaining its white blanket.


Bike Park

The Val d’Isère Bike Park remains accessible during the off-season until the first snowfall. Although the ski lifts no longer run, it’s still possible to discover the slopes of the ski area.

The E-Bike routes let you access the high-altitude sections through the strength of your calves and electric assistance.

Bike Park safety

For your own safety, please comply with all safety signs!

  • Adapted mountain bike essential.
  • Helmet compulsory and protection strongly recommended.
  • Mountain biking prohibited in the Vanoise National Park under threat of a fine.
  • Pedestrians have priority! On the All Mountain and E-Bike routes.
  • Watch out for animals, ride slowly.
  • The Bike Patrols continue to maintain the various trails and carry out numerous works during the autumn, in preparation for the coming season.


A trip around the village

The circuit of the 7 chapels: Val d’Isère invites you to discover its cultural heritage.

This route takes you in the footsteps of the rich religious past of Val d’Isère and its hamlets, as evidenced by the seven chapels that mark out this route. There used to be more of them, but many have disappeared over time due to the mountain’s wrath (avalanches, floods) or for lack of revenue to maintain them. The hamlet of Le Manchet still has a few ruins that have survived the centuries.

Part of the loop follows pretty green sections, between the forest and the edge of the Isère. You’re approaching the gateway to the Vanoise National Park as you criss-cross the mountain pastures. On the last section at Le Fornet, you’ll take a magnificent bridge over the foaming Isère.

You may encounter herd guard dogs. Get off your bike and walk alongside. Walk around the herd and move away gradually and calmly.

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