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March 2023
March 2023


To reach the ski resort of Val d’Isère during the winter season and to travel in the best possible conditions during this period, we recommend you equip your car with winter tyres –  or at least carry snow chains. Don’t forget to have them ready at hand for fitting when required.

💡 Our special tip : in case of heavy snowfall, we recommend that you avoid the road altogether and delay your travel as much as possible.

Our advice :

  • Snowchains on at least two drive wheels are a legal requirement on snow-covered roads where a sign indicated “special equipment is obligatory”. If you have to fit chains, it’s imperative to use the areas set aside for this. There’s the Raie chain-fitting lay-by on the road up to Val d’Isère after the village of Sainte-Foy Tarentaise.
  • Snow ‘socks’ are allowed on roads where there’s the “special equipment is obligatory” sign.  However, this kind of measure is no substitute for traditional snowchains in extreme conditions.
  • We also remind you that is forbidden, for obvious safety reasons, to overtake snowploughs. In the case of a traffic jam, do not leave your vehicle unless instructed to do so.
  • For getting to and from resorts you are strongly advised to be fully equipped with the necessary aids for driving in snowy conditions.
  • In bad weather, modify your speed and drive with extra care.
  • You may cross some traffic lights during your journey. Everything is explained on that document.

💡 Our special tip : Learn how to fit chains to your vehicle in advance in order to save time and minimise risk when conditions are at their most difficult.  

Listen and follow information in real time :

To find out the up-to-date traffic situation on the approach roads or in the resort of Val d’Isère, you can get information here :

💡 Our special tip : To make the trip as smooth as possible, think about having with you in your vehicle: bottles of water,  a cloth or tissues for wiping your hands after putting on chains, something to eat, warm clothes,  and a bit of patience. 



Located at over 1800m, Val d’Isère has a mountain climate and it is essential to be equipped with suitable technical gear : warm and waterproof clothing, gloves and hats, as well as sunglasses suitable for the UV mountain light. Also follow the safety rules, notably when there is heavy snowfall or strong winds. Mountain professionals will to their best to alleviate any risk to hazardous weather conditions by blasting potential avalanches (PIDA), closing lifts, and roads to pedestrians and/or cars.

 💡 Our special tip : take some simple and efficient precautions :

And it’s time to enjoy a cup or tea in your accommodation !  



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