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October 2020
October 2020

The village of  Val d’Isère is surrounded by peaks of  2 500, 2 800 and  3 747 m.  It’s the perfect spot for climbing, skiing,  cycling and running. There’s also a well-developed glacier to explore.

The benefits to train in altitude

The density of air decreases at altitude and less  oxygen makes exercise much more of a challenge. This lack of oxygen, called hypoxia, induces the secretion of a hormone known as EPO (Erythropoietin), which will then favour the production of  red blood cells to compensate for the lack of oxygen. This is what an athlete is looking for: to have produced sufficient red cells at altitude in order to provide a higher level of oxygen during work-outs back at sea -level.

These changes in the body occur during a stay of several days at altitudes above 1800m. Val d’Isère is the perfect place to come and prepare for a race or undergo a full training programme.

After work-out chill out

Here’s what we suggest :

  • The  Centre Aquasportif is a fully equipped sports complex with a 25m pool, steam room,  hot tubs, three saunas and a ice shower. As you probably know, alternating hot and cold is an excellent way of speeding up recovery from exercise.
  • The Arctic Café and its health food :   The café has become the rendez-vous
  • for anyone interested in eating wholesome foods. There’s a refreshingly healthy menu featuring freshly-squeezed juices, energy balls, superfood bowls, scented coffees, and items such as  avocado toast for an enjoyable brunch or a super-healthy lunch.
  • For the really brave, we recommend a dip in the waters of the Isère river : simple, natural et cleansing !

So now is the time to get on with it. Trail-running, mountain biking, road cycling, hiking,  skiing on the glacier (when it’s open) – Val d’Isère is an ideal place for training, having fun, or improving athletic skills and recovery times.

They train in  Val d’Isère

  • Romain Bardet : professional cyclist  with team AG2R La Mondiale. He had a podium finish in the Tour de France 2017.

Romain Bardet

  • Victor Muffat Jeandet : French W0rld Cup ski racer from the Club des sports de Val d’Isère and an Olympic medal winner in South Korea. He works out in the bikepark.


  •  Mimmi Kotka : Swedish trail runner. She won worldwide admiration for her third place this year in the 116km Maxi Race 2018 around Lake Annécy. She was the third woman to finish  the  High Trail Vanoise in 2017.

Mimmi Kotka_1

  • Maxime Peythieu : professional freestyle mountain biker. He won the Outdoor Mix Festival in 2015.

Maxime peythieu

  • Jordi Gamito Baus: ulta Catalan trail runner . He got a great Top Ten placing in the Ultra-Trail de Mont Blanc  in 2017.

Jordi Gamito