A sustainable charter for our events

Shared by all village entities, an environmental charter has been developed in 2022 by the Sustainable Development Library as a tool for the organisation, monitoring and evaluation of events. The Val d’Isère Club des Sports, Val d’Isère Tourisme, Val d’Isère Téléphériques, Vie Val d’Is and the Local Council are required to follow this charter as closely as possible for each event, guaranteeing that all events will generate the lowest possible impact on the environment. It includes the basics of recycling and waste recovery, alongside the principles of communication and on-site signage. External service providers have been included in the process in order to offer a comprehensive commitment.


ECOMOVE: the green collective of Val d’Isère

Since 2007, the Val d’Isère employees’ association, Vie Val d’Is, has brought together all its environmental projects under the “Ecomove” collective. Mainly led by volunteers, it aims to propose solutions to local environmental problems, with the following objectives:

  • To raise awareness of mountain environmental issues among holidaymakers, seasonal workers and residents.
  • To propose simple actions to the resort’s various stakeholders.
  • To unite Val d’Isère stakeholders around joint projects.


The collective’s actions

  • Environment Day: every summer for more than ten years, a litter pick-up has been organised on a sector of the Val d’Isère ski area. In 2021, 185 volunteer pickers collected nearly 1 tonne of waste from the various areas of the village. In 2020, more than 200 volunteers worked together to collect over 1 tonne from the ski area. 44% of these pickers were holidaymakers, while 37% were inhabitants, 10% summer seasonal workers, 5% visitors coming to Val d’Isère especially for this day and 4% were business owners. The pickers had an average age of 35 (2019 figures).
  • Ecomove Day: the aim of this event is to raise funds to finance sustainable development projects implemented during the summer season (e.g., the vegetable gardens). On this day, you’ll find a large jumble sale at the association’s premises, a stand offering cleaning and hygiene products, a bike/ski repair workshop, a book exchange, bar and much more.
  • Ecocups: no disposable cups have been used to serve hot wines during our snow shows (torchlight descent) or on New Year’s Eve for more than 10 years! The collective offers free reusable cups to all event organisers. This approach aims to reduce the use of disposable cups and thereby limit waste, while keeping the event’s venues clean.
  • Awareness campaigns: throughout the year, Ecomove implements actions to raise public awareness, such as the free distribution of pocket ashtrays to the resort’s seasonal workers and tourists, vegetable gardens for the village’s inhabitants, awareness posters on the ski area and in the village (to reduce waste and the number of butts thrown on slopes, to reduce waste in the resort and to remind both holidaymakers and residents that they are in a mountain environment, whether on the ski slopes or in the resort)
  • Transport: Vie Val d’Is and Ecomove use cargo bikes as a means of transport to reduce their ecological footprint. The free regional carpooling solution Mov’ICI is offered with a dedicated local community: GoWiz, the Haute Tarentaise carpooling service.

La journée de l'environnement

Cimes Durables Award 2022

Val d’Isère is the winner of the Cimes Durables Award 2022, by the ANMSM, for the action carried out by Vie Val d’Is “How to live better the 4 seasons”.
These awards highlight the concrete, innovative and impactful initiatives of the resorts in favor of sustainable development in the mountains.

This trophy was awarded to us on April 27, 2022 during the Mountain Planet show, an international gathering of mountain professionals. An avaline delegation made up of elected officials, community officials and representatives of Val d’Isère Tourisme, went to the show to discover and learn about innovations in mountain development.


The Club des Sports: awarded the Ecolabel for its sporting events

The Oldo High Trail Vanoise has been labelled a “Rhône-Alpes natural sporting event”, thanks to work to provide ecological signage and ban helicopter and drone flights over in protected areas.

The club’s commitment spans a wide range of actions, including: the installation of recycling bins on the starting and finishing areas, respect for the site’s natural composition by adapting courses, teams of rear-guards to clean up each course immediately after the runners’ passage, the implementation of an eco-trail-runner charter, an awareness video created jointly with the National Park, communication and sharing of information using social media as much as possible and the favouring of email to reduce paper waste.

High Trail Vanoise


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