16 Apr 2019

Highlights in Val d’Isere
23rd International Aventure and Discovery Film Festival

The Conference Centre and cinema are to play host to this 4-day festival. Discover the nightly showing of 11 films to be judged by the professional jury.
Sylvain Tesson is once again to host this 23rd anniversary edition.

The Festival also features exhibitions, entertainments, demonstrations, literary encounters and book signings.
Set off on a voyage of discovery, not only with the screening of the films, exhibitions, trying your hand at new sporting activities, meeting film producers, adventurers and explorers who will be joining us at the Conference Centre but also joining in one of the literary encounters and casting your vote at the end of each film.

Admission to the Festival remains free of charge however reservations may be made for the Conference Centre auditorium seats for the evening (3 films) for 14€.
A restricted number of seats are available for reservation which must be pre-booked at the Tourist Office from Friday 13th and up until 1pm on the day.
Price: 1 evening: 14€/passport 4 evenings: 48€
Nonpaying spectators may not reserve seats.