Open on November 28th

Channel your energy into tackling the mountain and take advantage of state-of-heart facilities in the Fitness Area, a 320 m² brightly-coloured space that includesfitness, body building and cardio training rooms, as well as two squash courts.
High-tech interactive equipment, personalised coaching, individual training or group sessions: take your performance to new heights and give your body a new lease of life!

Evacuation of the spaces 15 minutes before closing.
Welcome desk Closure 30 minutes before the evacuation time.

LEGS, BUMS & TUMS AND BACK, BUMS & TUMS l Thursday 3.30 pm
Strengthens, sculpts and tones the entire lower body: legs, thighs, hips, buttocks and abdominals.

STEP TRAINING l Sunday 12.30pm
Training done in stages. You’ll alternate between burst of high intensity excercise and recovery time.

BIKE l Tuesday 12.30 pm
Gym class on a bike. Muscle strengthening and cardio development. For athletes wanting to maintain optimal
physical condition.

ZUMBA l Friday 7.30 pm
Zumba is a fitness and Latin dance party that isexhilarating, effective and easy to follow. Burn calories while having fun!

TRX l Tuesday 3.30 pm, Wednesday 12.30pm, Friday 12.30 pm
TRX is a training system that uses suspension straps. Cardio, strength and resistance will be your goals. (max.
10 people).

PILATES METHOD l Monday 3.30 pm, Wednesday 10.30am, Friday 10.30am, Sunday 6pm
The Pilates method targets the muscles of the back and the abdominal belt to maintain the proper posture for your body. The number of students is limited to allow everyone to receive the attention and training tailored to their needs and abilities.

BODYSTYP l Tuesday 5pm, Saturday 6pm
Stretching, yoga, pilates and tai-chi.

MUSCLE BUILDING l Monday 12.30pm, Thursday 12.30pm, Friday 3.30pm
Global solicitation of the core muscles of the body, after a cardiovascular warm-up. Stay in shape!

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