5 reasons to vote for Val d’Isère – World Ski Award


World Ski Award

We’re hoping to achieve the highest rating of Best Ski Resort  in the World Ski Awards, 2018 and we have already reached the final, but we can’t do it without your help!

As someone who has travelled to Val d’Isère in the past, please could you spare 104 seconds of your time to vote by September 22?

  • Because Val is beautiful

As you can see on the @valdisere Instagram feed, there are no words to say how beautiful it is. You agree ?


  • Because Val is high

The village of Le Val d’Isère lies at  1830m and the highest point of the groomed ski area goes up to  3197m on the Pissaillas glacier. This guarantees snow cover from  the beginning until  the end of each ski season.

  • Because Val is an adventure

In  Val d’Isère, you’ll always find something to do. There’s skiing, of course, but lots more besides.

-You want to party? Après-ski is one of the essential activities here: Folie Douce, Cocorico or Bananas and much more… there’s fun to be had by all.

-Want to relax ? There’s an embarrassment of choice between hotel spas and the Centre Aquasportif.

-Want some fresh air ? There’s outdoor skating, snowshoeing, crosscountry, and ski touring.


  • Because Val is magical

Who doesn’t have stars in their eyes after coming to Val d’Isère ? On arrival, you’re blown away by the ancient village with its house built from stone and wood with slate roofs. The fabulous Face de Bellevarde which is  floodlit on winter evenings, the giant ski area with its limitless off-piste opportunities. Then there’s a  torchlit descent or the fireworks display you can enjoy from vantage point of your hotel or apartment balcony. These are only tiny examples of the kind of ambience you can expect to find  on your arrival in  Val d’Isère.


  • Because Val is unique

As those who live there will tell you, once you arrive in Val,  you stay in Val. The village, the ski area, the mountains, the ambience.. all these elements combine to make it an unique place offering unique experiences. Close your eyes, you are in Val d’Isère.

Now, it’s up to you !



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