22nd edition of Festival International du Film Aventure & Découverte

700 REQUINS DANS LA NUIT  – Avant-première  
In the presence of director Luc Marescot and biologist photographer Laurent Ballesta
VF – 90 min –France – 2018
Director : Luc Marescot – Production : Le cinquième rêve – Les Gens Biens Productions – Andromède
Laurent Ballesta and his scientific team dive into the heart of the largest known school of sharks in Polynesia:  a pack of 700 predators that the team is going to follow during their nightly hunts.
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In the presence of director Hugo Clouzeau and alpinist Antoine Moineville
VOSTFR – 40 min – France -2018
Director : Hugo Clouzeau & Antoine Moineville – Production : We are Hungry
Meet Antoine Moineville, winner of the Aigle d’Or and  Prix Espoir Hiventy 2017 for Riso Patron « Hasta las webas » in an adventure that combines kayaking with climbing along the coast of Greenland. Accompanied by their climbing companions Jérôme Sullivan and two Swiss Germans. They set out to scale and explore virgin rock walls of nearly 2000m.


In the presence of Korean director
VOST (Français / English subtitles) – 95 min –Corée du Sud – 2016
Director  : Moon Chang-yong, Jeon Jin – Production : Sonamu Films & Prosum
A seemingly ordinary boy discovers he is the highest ranking Tibetan monk reincarnated from a past, giving him the noble title of Rinpoche. Having been reincarnated in Ladakh due to the political instability in Tibet, he is separated from his monastery.
In order to compensate for the harsh realities of abandonment for a god-like child, his godfather gives up his only form of income as a traditional medicinal doctor to serve this Rinpoche. His biggest fear lies in the belief that if a Rinpoche, who will one day become a spiritual leader is not given the right education or environment, he will die young or become mentally ill. But the godfather is aging as quickly as Rinpoche is growing up. As the Rinpoche enters into adolescence and the more that he recalls memories from his past life, he begins to question his identity.


DUG OUT Avant-première en France
In the presence of director and adventurer Benjamin Sadd
VOSTFR – 40 min – UK – 2017
Director and Producer: Benjamin Sadd
Mankind has been using dugout canoes for over 8 000 years. But this doesn’t mean that building one from scratch is easy, as film-maker Benjamin Sadd and artist James Trundle, both from the south of England, discover on a journey to the Ecuadorian Amazon, where they live with an indigenous community, learn how to build a canoe and then take it on a journey down the river. What could go wrong?
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In the presence of navigator Yvan Bourgnon and director Sébastien Devrient
VF- 52 min – Suisse – 2017
Director : Sébastien Devrient – Production : Vertiges Prod
With truth and sensitivity Equilibre sur L’Ocean tells the story of the crazy bet of Yvan Bourgnon: to circumnavigate the world single-handedly in a recreational catamaran – a boat with no cockpit, the size of a beach sailboat. Alone with his camera, he survives not only a shipwreck, storms, pirates, self-doubt, the cold, the heat, but also countless moments of happiness, tenacity, fulfillment and success.


In the presence of directors Nathan Curren, Pierre Denoyel and a member of the gang.
VF with english subtitles – 64 min- France – 2017
Director : Pierre Denoyel et Nathan Curren – Production : Cassidy –Studio +
Through the portraits of the surfers of the Grande Plage of Biarritz, the film tells a transition period for surfing which passes from a counterculture to a high level sport.
Praticing surfing in Biarritz, France, in the 1980s it’s to refuse the system. A thirst for absolute and pure sensations that could lead to the top of the tables of competitions or directly in prison.
This is the unknown story of the six best European surfers. The history of their greatness and decadence. Featuring Laird Hamilton, Tom Curren, Jeff Hakman…


In the presence of director and adventurer Ben Page
VOSTFR – 24 min – UK – 2017
Director and Producer: Ben page
A self-filmed account of cycling through the Canadian Arctic in winter, Ben discovers the wonders, terrors and frustrations of travelling alone through one of the world’s ’last great wildernesses’.


In the presence of director Andy Collet and produceur Mathias Joubert
VOSTFR – 44 min – France – 2017
Director : Andy Collet – Production : Mathieu Joubert
An eco-minded journey to a different way of living. One month trip aboard the camper bus of Let’s be Nomads, 6000kms, 13 countries crossed, 10 riders, talks about local environmental issues & a lot of fun times along the way.


VOSTFR – 52 min – Canada – 2017
Réalisation : Jochen Schmoll – Production : Drehxtrem – Allemagne/Autriche – 2016
Three National Geographic “adventurers of the year“ embark on an insane kayaking mission in Greenland. With kite skis they tow their white water kayaks over 1000 km of the Greenland Ice Cap to reach the most northern river ever paddled.
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In the presence of surfers Justine Mauvin et Damien Castera
VF – 46 min – France -2017
Réalisation : Justine Mauvin & Damien Castera – Production : Elow Prod – Seb Vaisse
From the flower men of the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia to the crocodile men of the Sepik river in Papua New Guinea, surfer Damien Castera and longboarder Justine Mauvin crisscrossed the jungle of these remote territories for 62 days. This was a surfing expedition in the footsteps of ancestral tribes, where sporting adventure proved a pretext for a humanist approach.


VOSTFR – 36 min – USA – 2017
Réalisation : Ben Knight- Production : Ben Ayers- Camp 4 collective – Felt Soul Media
In the mist-shrouded mountains of Nepal’s remote Hongu River valley, the Kulung people carve their lives out of the land and practice an ancient form of animism structured around the a forest spirit called Rongkemi. There, a wiry and unassuming man named Mauli Dhan Rai leads a group of villagers on a perilous expedition to harvest a precious, and poisonous, wild honey. He is the only man in the community who has been blessed by a special dream to approach the hives, dangling hundreds of meters off of the ground on rope ladders. Nobody else in the community has had the dream and this, combined with creeping modernization, threatens to make this harvest his last.




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