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July 2020
July 2020

Come back to the basics, to the simple things in life.  Share unforgettable moments of joy, cultivate and rediscover the spirit of adventure, audacity and freedom. Learn the art of living in the mountains. Feel the energy of the open spaces flow in to you. Thrive on passion, accomplishments and authenticity.

The serenity and radiance of nature is reaching out to us as we open our hearts to it.

Welcome to Val d’Isère.

1 – Discover Val d’Isère’s walking trails

In Val d’Isère breathe in the clear alpine air in and around the village, escape to the mountaintops or immerse yourself in the Vanoise National Park. Set off along one of the 15 well signposted trails. On the recreational trails you can learn about the wildlife and flora, discover Val d’Isère’s rich heritage along the 7 Chapels tour or along the path from Val d’Isère to the the Fornet hamlet. Head up to the Prariond or the Fond des Fours to explore the Vanoise National Park. Don’t forget to stop off at the refuge to sample the famous Beaufort Omelette. For those looking for a challenge, the «black » trails lead high up to the Rocher de Bellevarde or the Bailletta Pass via the Picheru.

2- Enjoy the fresh air in the Vanoise National Park

Nestled in a natural setting, Val d’Isère is the gateway to the Vanoise National Park, founded in 1963 due to the near extinction of the ibex in the Alps. It is now home to a rich population of flora, minerals and wildlife. 50% of the Val d’Isère area is located within the National Park. Observe a wide variety of animals in their natural habitat such as the royal eagle, Gyapaetus (bearded vulture), chamois and ibex and due to the proximity of the Park to Val d’Isère, you may even catch a glimpse of these animals from the village itself or along one of the nearby marked trails.


3- Admire the local architecture

Take a trip through time and discover the local heritage by wondering through the narrow streets of Val d’Isère. The traditional Savoy architecture uses readily available materials such as stone, wood, metal and stone slates.

Admire the authentic wooden chalet and traditional church steeple that have been watching over Val d’Isère since the 17th century.

4- Take in some culture and history.

Val d’Isère is unique as a resort.

Some villages can make you fall in love with them from the very first glance. Such is the atmosphere found in Val d’Isère. You can simply feel the history in each small street and dwelling wall. The Savoyard culture has been enriched by many decades in the heart of this heritage You can explore and learn all its secrets on one of the guided tours hosted by the FACIM (French National Heritage Institute), organised throughout the summer. The tours will take you to the Adroit Farm, the village of Val d’Isère and its 17th century buildings, the Fornet hamlet on the outskirts or even the Iseran pass to admire the flora and fauna at an altitude of 2770m.

This year, for the first time, the EDF electricity power station in Val d’Isère is to open up its doors to the public with informative guided visits of the premises and explanations of its role in hydroelectricity.


5- Motorbike routes

Explore the lush setting of mountains summits along the Iseran Alpine pass, the gateway to the Maurienne Valley. This summer, a series of specific signs may be found along the roadside explaining the history of the pass. If you enjoy cycling, a static bike is set up at the top and as you pedal key dates will appear. Take advantage of the new motorbike car park to take a break and admire the breath-taking views.

6- Climb the Iseran pass

A legendary stage of the Tour de France, this pass is the perfect challenge for cyclists. Situated along the “Route des Grandes Alpes”, it is the highest driveable pass in the Alps reaching an impressive 2770 metres. Each summer many cyclists try to conquer this mythical route either on a bike or e-bike!

Once you have reached the top you can celebrate with a breath-taking view of the Pisaillas glacier and the surrounding glaciers in the Maurienne valley. You can then follow the road down to Bonneval-sur-Arc, a charming and traditional village built in true local style.

Practical: Electric bikes are available in the village for an effortless means of transport this summer.

7- Trout fishing at the Ouillette lake.

Hidden away at an altitude of 2500m, the family friendly Ouillette Lake is a popular spot for hikers, fishermen and families alike. It offers amazing, scenic views of the surrounding mountains, including the 3 082m high summit after which it is named.

A variety of options to reach the lake are available and you can choose the one that best suits you. Hike up the Arolle Millenaire trail, drive up the Iseran alpine pass road or take a free ride up the Solaise gondola.

Fishing is open for all with fishing rods for rent from the fishing warden. Test your fisherman skills and catch your own lunch!

New this year is a French bowls (petanque) ground.

8- Feel the adrenaline rush in the Bike Park

The bike park will be open from July 4th to August 28th. Enjoy up to 160 km of cycling tracks for all levels between Val d’Isère and Tignes including tracks for downhill biking, enduro and even e-bikes.

Just like in winter the tracks are colour coded, from easiest to hardest: green, blue, red, black and even double black for the more daring rider.

9- Summer Skiing on the Pisaillas Glacier

The Pisaillas glacier is short drive away up the Iseran alpine pass and is open for summer skiing from June 6th to the July 11th.  6 slopes are open of which 3 are open to all and 3 are reserved for training.


10- Glacial excursions

Experience this unique form of hiking under the watchful eye of Val d’Isères very own Mountain Guides. It’s considered to be the purest form of high-altitude mountaineering. The morning may feel a little chilly at first but once you’ve strapped on your crampons you’ll really begin the feel the enjoyment of exploring Val d’Isère’s glaciers.

Two options are available with a day walk, open to everyone or a 2-day trip on a glacier between France and Italy for which a good level of physical fitness is required.

You may find other glacial excursions on Trek Nature Grand Paradis Vanoise.